A 55-year old widow shares her story of Glaucoma, and how she recovered from losing eyesight.

Have you ever asked yourself, what will happen if i lost my sight and go blind?!

Well, its hard to say but almost losing my sight to eye disease is a terrible experience that I don’t wish for anybody.

I’m Mrs Chiamaka, a retired civil servant from Port-Harcourt, and I want to share with you how I almost lost my sight to Glaucoma.

Back in 2016, I was wearing recommended glasses to support my impaired vision.

But after a while, I noticed I was having blurry visions and would occasionally go blind.

 At first, I thought it was the glasses, that they were damaged. So, I went to the store to get another one.

The resident optician looked at my eyes, did some test and said, “Ma, you have Glaucoma”.

It wasn’t the first time I heard the word, Glaucoma, but I never thought it involves losing my own sight.

I have lost many things in this life already.

I am a 55 years old retiree and a widow who had lost a child once and a husband.

The thought that I would lose my sight, go blind forever, it was terrible!

I thought the blindness was going to happen immediately or the following week, a month from then. I just kept thinking it was going to be soon.

But the doctors said it going to take a long time but I must come from regular checkups and medications.

They started with eye drops, then drugs that I can’t even pronounce and then tests upon tests but nothing was working. And it was like that for 2 years.

I can’t read newspapers and magazines as before. I can’t watch TV for too long. I feel sharp pains in my eyes and they make me uncomfortable.

I can’t even read the bible very well at church or during fellowships!

I can’t even go to parties like I used to because too much noise or stress affect the eyes and makes it painful.

I’m retired, for God’s sake and I am supposed to be enjoying myself, spending time with family and friends. But that is almost impossible!!

The constant thought that today may be the day.

Today may be the day I lose my sight!

Today maybe the day I can’t see my beautiful grandchildren anymore!

Today maybe the day I become useless, and start depending on someone to do everything for me!

Today maybe the day I go blind! It was depressing.

Many times on my own, I would check google to see if there’s a permanent solution.

One time, the doctor recommended a surgical procedure, I can’t even remember the name but it involved cutting holes into my eyes. It was very expensive and scary!

After the procedure, I was relieved for a while until I started feeling as I was the first time. Lo and Behold! The Glaucoma is back!!

I had resigned to faith until I met a doctor, Dr Akin, who recommended an eyedrop made from natural ingredients. He called it the 2-in-1 Eye Drop.

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I was desperate! Anybody in my case, with what I have passed through in life, with what I have faced in life, would be desperate.

But I wasn’t very hopeful and wasn’t too excited to try another medication.

I decided to give it a try. I asked the doctor with humour, “What do I have to lose now?”

He was sorry for me but he insisted that I tried it.

After 3 weeks, I felt nothing, no changes, but I kept using it; at least, I’ve bought it, I might as well finish it.

Occasionally, I noticed that the time I used to spend reading newspaper and the Bible as increased but I didn’t count it as anything.

In the last week of February, my daughter came visiting with my grandkid. Jennifer, my baby girl said to me, Grandma we are going to make you happy today.

She was so innocent and joyful and the thought of not seeing her grow up made tears rolled down my cheeks.

After a while, she started playing with a phone and was keen to show me something. You know how little children are when they see something that excites them.

She brought the phone close to me and I was able to read what was there, without my glasses.

I didn’t notice anything until she did it the second time and my daughter was surprised.

I can see!

I can see clearly!!

I can see the beautiful smile on Jennifer’s face!

I can my joyful daughter dancing with joy.

The kind of feeling I had was like someone that got healed by miracle.

But it’s not miracle, I know its not.

We immediately called Dr. Akin to tell him the good news.

The doctor said I’ll use the drug for 3 months and by then, I should be completely free of Glaucoma.

Today I am completely free of Glaucoma or any other eye disease. I’m not even using glasses anymore.

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All thanks to God that introduced Dr. Akin to me and the 2-in-1 Eye Drop.

The 2-in-1 Eye drop is currently sold 20,500 for one month and 35,500 for the complete 3 months.

I know you’re saying to yourself, “but this drug is expensive”.

It’s true that the drug is expensive but I want you to do for me is…

Carry a calculator, start calculating how much you have been spending trying to MANAGE this eye condition. Calculate how much you’ve spent on medications, tests, the stress you go through for doctors visit, even if your doctor comes to your house to treat you. Have you noticed that lately, it’s not regular anymore?

After calculating, how much have you spent? Isn’t it more than 20,000 or 35,000? Think about that.

Being diagnosed with glaucoma, cataract or any other eye disease is terrible and depressing, trust me I know.

But if you have given up on getting better OR you still insist that you want to keep using the same medications you’ve been using for years without permanent solution.. I am saying this to you, YOU ARE NOT DOING YOURSELF ANY GOOD.

You can’t be doing the same thing and expecting a different result

Why not try a new approach?! There is no harm in trying something new

Give the 2-in-1 Eye drop a trial today…

Stop living in constant fear of what will happen next…

Stop waiting for the worse to happen before you take action

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