59 Old Nigerian Banker Testify during Interview with Punch Newspaper

This is how I beat my Type 2 Diabetes in just 90 days –after 5yrs of my initial diagnosis

Mr Rasaq Idris is a retired 59yr old banker who has struggled endlessly with the problem of type 2 Diabetes over the last 5yrs.
In fact, he has traveled out of the country to receive various types of treatment but unfortunately, all he could get were palliative therapies.
Today, he sits with our man, Godwin Oshiome to explain his experience with his stubborn Type 2 Diabetes and how he overcame using a simple but highly effective treatment solution he accidentally found through a referral. 

Here is his testimony as he answers our questions concerning this condition in his own words.

First of all, I am not sure why doctors insist that people who have Type 2 Diabetes have no hope. This was exactly what my doctors told me 5yrs ago when I was diagnosed.
It was a few months to my retirement. I came to work as usual, sat on my desk to begin my daily work. Before I knew it, I fainted and was rushed to the General hospital by the company’s ambulance. Till today, how I survived is a miracle. That episode began for me the journey of a life time.

Why is Type 2 Diabetes Difficult to Treat?

From my research, the human body is complex. For some people they have a problem with their pancreas not producing enough beta cells for insulin assumption.
For others, their pancreas can indeed produce much needed beta cells but their body rejects it.
It turns out that the same reason why most Diabetes patients have high blood pressure is the same reason why their body refuses to process insulin.
This is the missing link in the research for the cure to Diabetes.
Anybody who figures out how to get the body to produce enough beta cells and in turn process insulin will reverse their diabetes condition.
Fortunately today, there is an indeed a solution!
In my case, my solution did not come from my doctor or even the US or UK. My solution came from a village in India!
It is interesting to note that Indians have been using what they call Ayurveda to treat High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes for the past 450yrs. I was shocked when I discovered this secret.
By the way, Ayurveda is a controlled study of Herbs in India – ah, side note, do you know India has the lowest COVID related deaths per capita? Yes. Do you also know they used their natural plants to treat and boost people’s immune system?
Yes! And this explains exactly why the country is doing much better today than even the so called Western Countries with all their health care and technology.
Anyway, I divert. Sorry.

How did you find a solution?

Back to my story, during my sickness, my blood sugar has gotten so bad and I also had what is called a Diabetic foot 
My doctor told my family I had to be amputated because the infection was going to spread to other parts of my limb. At my age, that was a reality I was not willing to accept. I didn’t want to have my legs cut off!
At the same time, I was not responding to treatment and my vision was getting blurred. I mean, I could hardly read anything even with my glasses on.
God…it was a terrible situation at the time.
Eventually I informed my friend (Michael who’s a doctor himself) to let me know what my chances were.
It turned out a group of Indian scientist got the approval of the Indian government to standardize a known Diabetes solution therapy

How did you get to know about the therapy?

It was pure coincidence, or should I say, mercy of God?
Remember I said they have been using this therapy for over 450yrs but it was never standardized. They were still used as dried leaves and powders.
So, the scientist through AYUSH foundation got approval to turn the leaves and roots into standard dosages and run clinical trials for the drugs to test its efficacies.
Luckily for me, my friend Dr. Michael was part of the pilot study and this was how I got into the treatment program!
Today, I am walking on my new legs without any problems at all. My blood sugar level has been normal for the past 5yrs.
Can you tell us the secret? How can others benefit from the same therapy?
Of course.
You know that 30% of all adult male in Nigeria have either High Blood Pressure or High Blood Sugar. It is unfortunate but this is the truth.
The secret is a combination of 14 carefully handpicked extract blended into a perfect mix of extremely potent capsule.
All of these are bind with a naturally occurring ingredient called ‘Alpha Lipoic Acid’ so combined, they provide the punch to force the body into repairs of the pancreas and increased absorption of insulin.
I wish I can explain the science behind it but we don’t have time.
The entire combo is a 2-in-1 Diabetes Treatment called Blood Sugar Normalizer and DC. They both have to be taken together as per the prescription.
For most people you will need to be on the treatment program for at least 90 days (3 months). This is how long your body need (at minimum to breakdown and repair the imbalanced system). Mine took me about 3 to 4 months to see a complete stability in my body.

Okay so how do you use it?

The dosage instruction is simple. You use 2 a day as prescribed. Here’s a warning though, if you cannot commit to taking the drugs every day, please don’t start. You need that consistency for it to be effective. Did you notice an immediate benefit? Ah, of course! I did. First of all, around the time I fainted in my office, my sex life had disappeared. I mean, I could no longer perform in bed at all, talk less of satisfy my wife. My sex organ was almost effectively dead (practically). This is story for another day because I almost lost my wife, she almost filed for divorce! So for me, to be able to have erection even if for short time was a huge blessing to me! I was given another herbal drug during my treatment program alongside my diabetes treatment – this eventually got my little man back alive. Today, I’m back to my old self. I can sustain an erection and definitely can perform modestly as per my age – compared to when I couldn’t even perform at all! Woow, that’s interesting – speaking of your performance, how often do you engage in the bedroom these days? Hahaha…honestly, nowadays, 2 to 3 times is my limit…mostly 2 times. But it is always an amazing beautiful moment with my wife. She enjoys me better now…she calls me KING KONG haha! I’m happy. At my age, I think 2 times of passionate lovemaking is okay! Haha, true…

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