A New "Natural" Solution Based On Herbal Medications from the Middle-East is Helping Nigerians with Type-2 High Blood Sugar Reverse Their Conditions Totally With No Side Effects Or Complications...

A Seasoned Banker, Razaq Idris also shares his story of how he almost died from Type 2 Blood Sugar Complications and what revived his condition…. Read more below!!!

Are you…

  • Always Thirsty
  • Blurry Vision
  • Wounds that wont heal
  • Always hungry
  • Always Tired
  • Sexual problems
  • Frequent urination
  • Numbness/Tingling of hands and feet

If any of these sound familiar then pay serious attention to this post because it is what will change your condition forever…

If you are reading this post, let me guess…

You are 35 and above, and want a permanent solution to diabetes or you want to get it for your loved ones.

Whatever category, you are in the right place. 

I know this is not the first time you have been promised a solution for diabetes…

Some years ago, your doctor gave you medications to use regularly and promised it will make you better, but, has it? 

I also know you have seen many marketers on TV, Newspaper even Facebook, they promised miracle drugs and methods.

At first, you’ll get better, your dizziness and blurry vision will go for few weeks, then, all of a sudden all the symptoms come right back,

the reading starts going up again and you are back at the beginning… Looking for a permanent solution for diabetes.

Mr Rasaq Idris is a retired 59yr old banker who has struggled endlessly with the problem of type 2 Diabetes over the last 5yrs.

In fact, he has traveled out of the country to receive various types of treatment but unfortunately, all he could get were palliative therapies.

Today, he explains his experience with his stubborn Type 2 Diabetes and…

how he overcame using a simple but highly effective treatment solution he accidentally found through a referral.

When people are “treating” diabetes, they make two major mistake.

  1. They treat symptoms and not the root cause of the problem.
  2. They think the reversal is a very quick process.

The real truth is, reversing diabetes is not a quick process AND, to permanently reverse diabetes, we must first treat the root cause.

Let me share a story…

I was also once diabetic… And i tried everything both orthodox medicine and traditional. Nothing seem to work.

My wife almost became a widow because of Diabetes which I was managing for many years.

One time, at my new site in Lekki-Ajah, my blood sugar dropped and I fainted….

I almost fell from the building, if not for the workers there, my wife would have been a widow and my children would be fatherless.

I had sore foot which refused to heal; Blurry vision which affects my business.

The most painful part is my sexual performance, it was shameful.

Imagine someone that used to be energetic in everything is now getting blurry visions, dizziness, always thirsty and always eating because of sugar level.

The whole experience was very frustrating!!

During my sickness, my blood sugar has gotten so bad and I also had what is called a Diabetic foot.

My doctor told my family I had to be amputated because the infection was going to spread to other parts of my legs.

At my age, that was a reality I was not willing to accept. I didn’t want to have my legs cut off!

At the same time, I was not responding to treatment and my vision was getting blurred. 

I mean, I could hardly read anything even with my glasses on.

God…it was a terrible situation at the time!!!

But, instead of pumping more toxic chemical into my body.

Eventually I informed my friend (Michael who’s a doctor himself) to let me know what my chances were.

Dr. Michael told me of a new way to treat the root cause of diabetes…

  1. To repair the pancreas organ so it can release enough beta cells for glucose assumption naturally and consistently to breakdown glucose.
  2. Clean my internal body system of toxins.

If your current diabetes medications is not doing these two things for you, Get Rid of it Now!

I found a solution, the light at the end of the dark tunnel…

It was pure coincidence, or should I say, mercy of God?

In my case, my solution did not come from my doctor or even the US or UK. My solution came from a village in India!

It is interesting to note that Indians have been using what they call Ayurveda to treat High Blood Pressure and Type 2 Diabetes for over 130 years.

By the way, Ayurveda is a controlled study of Herbs in India…

side note, do you know India has the lowest COVID related deaths per capita? Yes. Do you also know they used their natural plants to treat and boost people’s immune system?

That’s how i found an improved natural product that made sure my sugar level was normal and it ensure it stayed that way.

Remember I said they have been using this therapy for over 130yrs but it was never standardized. They were still used as dried leaves and powders.

Remember I said they have been using this therapy for over 130yrs but it was never standardized.

They were still used as dried leaves and powders.

So, the scientist through AYUSH Foundation got approval to turn the leaves and roots into standard dosages and run clinical trials for the drugs to test its efficacies.

Luckily for me, my friend Dr. Michael was part of the pilot study and this was how I got into the treatment program!

So i had to travel to India to get the treatments

It also gradually clean up the toxins in my system… in 90 days (3 Months) !!

After my treatment in India, i saw this as an opportunity to help fellow Nigerians with Diabetes… and earn some money.

Do You know that 30% of all adult male in Nigeria have either High Blood Pressure or High Blood Sugar. It is unfortunate but this is the truth.

My friend Dr. Michael had a negotiation with his colleagues about shipping the drugs to Nigeria and we introduced it to the Nigeria market 2 years ago….

Over 13,000 Diabetic Nigerians have benefited from this medication and i can tell you we are doing a good thing here…

The sense of fulfilment and purpose we get after every testimony of our customers is great!!! 

The dosage instruction is simple. You use 2 capsules (1 Diabecare, 1 Blood Sugar Normalizer) a day as prescribed. 

Here’s a warning though, if you cannot commit to taking the drugs every day for 90 Days, please don’t start. You need that consistency for it to be effective.

Now my sore foot has healed. 

My vision is clearer and i can stand longer.

Even my “OZA ROOM” duties don dey KAMPE!!

I am back to full health (100%) after over 3 years of managing diabetes… 

It took just 3 months of consistently using this product…

And i have decided to share the knowledge of what helped my condition and help people suffering from diabetes to become 100% healthy like me…

In the next page of this post, i have detailed everything you need to know about the product that reverse diabetes in 90 days… And how to get it.

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