About 5 years before now, I asked myself this question, how would my life have turned out if I didn’t have diabetes? Now, don’t get me wrong, I have a good life, a good job, two children and a supporting husband, BUT I usually wonder how much ENJOYABLE it would have been if I hadn’t been diagnosed with diabetes 15 years ago.

My name is Jennifer, I will be 43 in the next 3 months and I live with my family in Lagos, now completely free of diabetes. But before I got cured, life was not easy.

The first time I discovered I diabetic was a few months after I got married. My husband and I were enjoying the new life, trying to settle down into our new role.

Then I started noticing I get unusually hungry, I get tired for no reason and sometimes I would my mouth would get dry and have itchy skin.

At first, I thought it was just stress or sometimes malaria, so I visited the clinic.

The doctor looked at me, ran some tests and said, “Ma, you have Diabetes”

You know, the first time they tell you a terrible news like that,

it always as if something in you just broke, like you have this sudden and overwhelming feeling of shock.

Although it wasn’t the first time I heard about diabetes, I had a friend whose mum died of it not long ago.

She was a loving woman, joyful and happy, but whenever you are with her, you’ll know that everything is not okay.

Apart from the plenty of food she eats for a woman of her age or the drugs and injections she used to carry around, something about the way she does shows she’s not happy with her condition.

But the thought that I would live the rest of my life like Mrs. Chiaka was a very terrible experience.

I thought in my mind, how would I survive with this “incurable” disease?

I even asked myself one time, how did I come to get this disease because I really don’t understand much about it then.

Over time I started reading more about diabetes and started consulting everybody I know that works in a hospital.

One doctor told me it was manageable and I can still live a healthy life but must be very conscious of what I eat, be conscious of what I do, even where I go to.

Basically, he was telling, I have to change my entire lifestyle. That was how I started diabetes medications, food ration, carrying injection everywhere.

One time I said to myself, I am a young woman, maybe in the next 3-5 years, I would get cured and would live a normal life back.

I was very hopeful; you know in a case like this, hope is all you’ve got. And when my first baby came, I was even more hopeful.

I thought I was getting better until one afternoon in February, 2012.

The thing is you will always remember the exact day when you have a bad occurrence. That was the first time in experienced seizure.

The doctor told me my condition was getting worse and the seizure would come again. The seizure did come again o, in fact it was getting out of hand for my husband.

The worst part is, whenever I had seizures, I would have temporary memory loss too. Whenever I have seizures, my husband said my teeth would be shut and he would have to pour in every sugary stuff he can find at the moment to get me to stop.

When I eventually get normal, I would have had loss of memory.

See the worst thing about having diabetes is not sometimes the disease itself, but the pain and sadness our loved ones have to go through seeing us suffer and taking care of us.

One time, my husband told me he was getting tired of it and since “time has not gone like that, he may be forced to separate.”

 When he made the statement, I felt heart-broken, sad, and betrayed. I was like, it is now that this man should leave me alone. It’s heartbreaking but can you blame him? When he’s not the one that caused my misfortune.

Medications was getting expensive, doctor’s visit was getting tiring and boring, because most times you are just there waiting to hear another bad news.

It was practically impossible to enjoy my life.

I was constantly thinking, may be today might be the day I will get another seizure.

Today maybe the day I will lose my husband.

Today maybe the day I will lose my family and home.

May be today will be when I lose my sight, because I was told it can lead to blindness and kidney failure.

I was constantly thinking of the worse thing.

The only joyful thing in my life was seeing my baby grow.

The doctor recommended that I get an Insulin pump which will automatically take care of injecting me the sugar I need.

He said it was efficient, but the issue is, it is very expensive and I couldn’t afford it.

You remember that hope I had then, now it’s over 10 years, I still have diabetes, I am about to lose my family and probably my life too, what do you think will have happened to the hope, well I leave that to you to answer.

The funny thing about life is that, when God wants to help you, you’ll be seeing signs but it is left to you to grab it.

There’s this email I used to receive about natural cure for diabetes but then I was hoping I would get cured by sticking to my doctor’s advice.

So one day, I opened the email and followed the link there. I was curious to see what the website wants to offer, and I was a little bit desperate too. 

Anybody in my case, with what I have passed through in life, with what I have faced in life, would be desperate.

Let me tell you quickly what I saw. I saw this long article about diabetes, what it does to people and at the end I was told to buy the “cure” for diabetes for #39,500. I laughed and closed it. We humans are very funny, I have been searching for a cure for my ailment for over 15 years, and now I saw something that promised to cure me within 6 months for a fee I can afford and I still did not believe it. in fact, I didn’t take it serious.

But then I thought again, what more do I have I to lose, so I order for the 2-in-1 diabetes destroyer. I received it within 3 days, then I started taking it.

After 3 weeks, I felt nothing, no changes, but I kept using it; at least, I’ve bought it, I might as well finish it.

After a month, I noticed I wasn’t hungry like before, and I haven’t had seizures in over three weeks. My husband was also surprised.

We went to see the doctor about the new situation of things, he ran some tests,

In his words, he said, “Ma, whatever it is you are using that is making you get better, please continue it.”

I have never heard that from a doctor before in my life. It was miraculous.

I spoke to Dr Akin, the doctor that advertised the 2-in-1 diabetes destroyer to me. He said, I was going to use it for 4 more months.

Today I am completely free of diabetes. If I was told something like this would happen, I would not have believed it. But I thank God I did open that email.

Now, you have a chance at your own redemption.

You have a chance at getting back your life on track.

You have a chance to live a normal and healthy life.

You have a chance to enjoy all the good and sweet thing life has to offer.

Living with diabetes, type 1 or type 2 is terrible and depressing, trust me I know.

But if you have given up on getting better OR you still insist that you want to keep using the same medications you’ve been using for years without permanent solution. I am saying this to you, YOU ARE NOT DOING YOURSELF ANY GOOD.

You can’t be doing the same thing and expecting a different result

Why not try a new approach?! There is no harm in trying something new

You may have been waiting for a sign for many years… I am here to tell you THIS IS IT!

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