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Please Note

  • Do not order if you don’t have cash to receive your order ASAP. Do not order if you are traveling and there is no one to receive on your behalf.
  • Do not order if you do not understand this article you just read, Or you simply want to test and see if it works. Don’t do that please
  • Do not order for someone except you informed them or they asked you to do so.
  • Do not order if you do not answer calls from new callers. We will need to call you and confirm your order.
  • Do not order if you are doubting what you read.
  • If you have any verification to do, or you want to consult with your doctor, please do so before making your order.

We incur a lot of costs to cover the delivery of this product across Nigeria. So to avoid a waste of time and resources, we plead with you to order ONLY if you are ready for this product.

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